“By tracking down the key figures in Mugabe’s life, Heidi Holland has come closer than anyone else to discovering what makes the old dictator tick”
– Mugabe biographer David Blair in the Daily Telegraph

“The most intimate portrait yet produced of Zimbabwe’s clever but brutal leader. Heidi Holland gets under the skin of a troubled man who turned from nationalist hero to international pariah, all but destroying his country in the process”
– Adam Roberts, The Economist.

The making of a monster, March19th 2008, from The Economist print edition.

Link to mail and guardian site

“In thinking and writing about her interviewees Holland gives us Robert Mugabe with all his fatal flaws, foibles, vices – and virtues. For that reason Dinner with Mugabe is the best picture of the man that has ever been published…..Dinner with Mugabe is without doubt a brilliant achievement.” – Percy Zvomuya, the Mail and Guardian, March 2008.

Percy Zvomuya reviews Heidi Holland’s Dinner with Mugabe, a book that the Zimbabwean leader’s acolytes won’t like. – Unmasking the man behind the stunts – the Mail and Guardian.

“Securing an interview with Robert Mugabe was almost as demanding as researching and writing Dinner with Mugabe, her psychological study of the man, ” Heidi Holland tells Percy Zvomuya – Mad Bob: man or monster? – the Mail and Guardian.

“Heidi Holland’s interview with Mugabe reveals a boastful, isolated leader unwilling to recognize Zimbabwe’s economic collapse or accept blame.” Craig Timberg – In His Own World of Denial –The Washington Post.

Face to face with a lonely tyrant bent on vengeance – It took 18 months to set up the interview with Mugabe -The result was a revealing encounter – Alex Duval Smith in Cape Town The Observer, Sunday March 23 2008

“Mugabe, Once a Bookish Boy, Drags Zimbabwe to the Abyss”

Review by Karl Maier in Bloomberg, June 24 2008 .

“Young Mugabe: The making of a despot”
– An edited abstract, 24 June 2008 in the Independent UK.

“Mugabe: From Carpenter’s Son To Dictator”
Wednesday April 02 , an extract from Dinner with Mugabe on the Sky News web site.

Mugabe ‘was once a decent guy’ Author recalls meeting leader 32 yeas ago after he was released from 11 years in detention – Oakland Ross in the TORONTO STARTuesday April 08 2008 .

Swedish site

Story in DAGENS NYHETER, Sweden’s leading morning newspaper with a daily circulation of some 350 000 copies.Download a pdf version of the article here.


Dinner with Mugabe: The Man Behind the Monster. Read this book review by Greg Houle at

A Swiss article in NZZ, download a pdf, page 1 or page 2.

A Swiss article in DIE WELTWOCHE, download a pdf.


An article in THE WEEKENDAUSTRALIAN, download a pdf.


‘What happened to Robert Mugabe Braam Posthumus on RADIO NETHERLANDS WORLDWIDEMonday May 19 2008