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Educational problem, Unemployment and Poverty in Algeria


Algeria is a country in North Africa with a Sahara desert interior and a Mediterranean Coastline. It has a population slightly above 40 million people.

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According to the Algerian League for Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), 14 million Algerians live below the poverty line. This represents a whopping 35 percent of the total population. The study which included 4500 samples reflects the country’s worsening economic situation. The daily income of all that were interviewed was below $1.45 which is also the UN stipulated poverty line. This situation hassled to deterioration of living standards, high rates of unemployment, poor healthcare services, increase in the number of street beggars and increasing number of Algerians migrating to other countries. There is a disproportionately young unemployed population in Algeria. The country also has many religions which deny women and minorities education and skilled appliance chances. Parents with large families do not get time to work to earn a living since they are busy taking care of their children.
The structural challenges that have been affecting Algeria for a long period of time remain unchanged. These are subsidy reduction, business environment improvement, economy diversification, and job creation in the private sector. The government has taken modest steps even as it has been talking about the need for reforms. The promises made by the current government before being elected in are yet to be delivered.

Indeed, very often people in African countries don’t even know how to compose a motivational letter or how to write job application email due to bad education and poor Internet connection. According to this, the possible solution to Unemployment and Poverty in Algeria is through proper education because this is a major reason why people cannot get jobs which are well paying. Night schools can help adults with the necessary skills for jobs. With night schools, they will be able to attend to their children during the day. This can also create jobs for teachers. The government should also raise the minimum wage and create more jobs. The current government is doing less to combat poverty and unemployment in Algeria. The UNDP should intervene to save the country from further collapse.

With those few remarks, I once again thank you for giving me this opportunity and I hope that this presentation has given you a clear understanding of Unemployment and Poverty in Algeria.

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